Curry House Restaurant Adds Gluten Free Option to Their Menu!

e59b2e_7bc168883f1647438ad98b5e37f6ad51.jpg_srb_p_600_341_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbCurry House is a popular restaurant offering a variety of Japanese curry and pasta dishes.  Up until recently, I was pretty limited with what I could order off of their menu.  The curry they use is not gluten-free and the corn pottage soup that I used to love so much is questionable.  I asked the waitstaff about the soup and they could not give me a definitive answer since they do not make the soup in-house, it is an item provided by an outside vendor and the exact ingredients are unknown. At this point, we have all adopted the adage,” When in doubt, do without…”


This past weekend, I visited Curry House restaurant again and was delighted to find out that they are offering 11162205_10153398821394059_5636493682516226821_na tofu noodle which can be substituted in their pasta dishes for an additional $1. (Of course, the extra charge.) The tofu noodles are specifically listed on the menu as a “gluten-free” item and a heaping plate is only 60 calories!

Of course, I had to try it!  The texture and taste of the noodles was that of an udon noodle.  You have to double check regarding the safety of the sauces of course but I had the noodles with meatballs and tomato sauce and it was perfectly safe and delicious.

Having options other than salad and teppan grilled meat makes me a happy patron.

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