Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

Are you tired of gluten-free pasta made with rice flour?  To date, I found one brand, Tinkyada, Brown Rice Pasta, that I am satisfied with in regard to texture and taste.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Barilla, now produces a gluten-free pasta which is made using a combination of corn and rice flour! Now you can buy Barilla gluten-free spaghetti, gluten-free elbows, gluten-free penne and gluten-free rotini.


Using corn and rice flour, in my opinion, gives the pasta a nice texture and a taste that is much more similar to regular pasta than the brown rice brand I had been using previously.

You will also note that the product is produced in a “dedicated gluten-free facility” and is Certified Gluten-Free according to the web page.  I particularly liked the fact that Barilla specifically states that they do not use GMO ingredients, which is a big factor for me when selecting products as so many seem to be GMO these days.



A quick word of caution though, some of you suffer from Celiac Disease or are gluten intolerant may also react to corn.  If that is the case, this product is probably not suitable for you.

I am always excited to find another gluten-free product out on the market which expands the number of choices I have as a consumer.  I try to stick to basic, whole ingredients when cooking and try not to rely on products marked gluten-free however, it is good to have options for pasta, bread, etc. when you are really craving it.

I would love to hear what you thought of the product if you have already tried it, so drop me a note when you get a chance.


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