Unbelievable Ignorance

I don’t like to use my blog as a vehicle for delivering rants but sometimes things really get under my skin.The last time I felt outraged was when Hoda on the Today Show made an insensitive joke about following a gluten free diet. Well, I came across a very ignorant post on a Facebook page I used to follow and I simply could not believe the obliviousness that is still out there:


Therefore, if I were to buy in to what Mark Gaskins is saying, I am a hypochondriac who produces severe rashes at will after consuming gluten just for the “attention?”


Very interesting logic there given that gluten allergies may have existed 15 years ago yet they went undiagnosed because people weren’t aware of what gluten consumption can do to people with Celiac Disease or non-Celiac gluten intolerance.

Further, as I have posted many times before, the wheat we are consuming is not the same wheat that previous generations were consuming.

I am still amazed that this level of ignorance exists out there and it isn’t just limited to Mark Gaskins on Facebook.  It wasn’t a doctor who diagnosed my gluten intolerance, but a very wise nutritionist. If folks in the medical profession still regard gluten intolerance as an “imagined disease” I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked when I run across comments such as the one above.

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable Ignorance

  1. Oh dear he’s not even correct. My Granny didn’t eat gluten since the 1970’s as she had MS and the first connection between that particular disease and gluten was found in the 1960’s. I could make jokes about %, brain cells and actually having a sense of humour but i won’t stoop to his level.

    • I agree with you Tabitha, it isn’t worth arguing with ignorance. I have a mantra, until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you will never know. (This applies to gluten intolerance too. :)

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