Pick Up Stix Offers Limited Gluten Free Menu Items

PickUpStixLogoI ventured out during lunch hoping to grab a gluten free chicken sandwich at The Counter only to find out that the restaurant in Hermosa Beach had closed!  It didn’t last very long.  Luckily, Pick Up Stix (http://www.pickupstix.com/index.php) was in the same strip mall so I decided to give them a try. Fortunately, they do have a limited number of gluten free items on their menu but their menu contains the following warning:


I would urge those of you who have Celiac Disease to be extra cautious as the restaurant does not use a seperate space/ utensils to prepare dishes that are designated gluten free on the menu.  Luckily, I did not have a reaction after this visit.

The items designated as “gluten free” include the following:


I ordered the Grilled Bourbon Chicken with steamed white rice.  I tend to stay away from anything fried as often these items are coated with flour prior to frying.  You would also have to be careful with regard to sauces.  Soy sauce and teriyaki sauce do contain gluten therefore I stay away from dishes which contain them.  Pick Up Stix states that their bourbon sauce is gluten free, although I was doubtful at first knowing that even though bourbon is distilled from corn, oftentimes barley is added for enzymes and flavor.  (Makers Mark Bourbon is Gluten-Free.)

Not having had a reaction after consuming the dish has proven to me that the restaurant was accurate in designating their grilled bourbon chicken as a gluten free dish.


Again, use caution when you eat at Pick Up Stix.  The restaurant clearly discloses the possibility of cross contamination so use your best judgement as you know your condition better than anyone else.

As for myself, I am delighted to find another “common” restaurant where I can find dishes that are safe for “my consumption,” where I do not have to pay an arm and a leg for specially prepared gluten free dishes.

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