Cookies By Design: Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Treats Delivered to Your Door

CaptureValentine’s Day is just 10 days away!

Yes, you can send flowers or gifts of jewelry but what about a nice Valentine’s Day treat?

Cookies By Design ( is now offering a gluten-free line that would be ideal!

There is a warning however, “Our products are baked in a location which uses peanuts and/or tree nuts.”  If you suffer from nut allergies in addition to your gluten-allergies, this product probably will not be suited for you.

And as you probably have already guessed, their gluten-free cookie bouquets cost more than their regular cookie bouquets.

The regular 7-cookie basket costs $55.99 whereas the gluten-free version costs $62.99.

But, we are already used to paying more for our food these days and it is nice to have options available.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo


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