The Accuracy of The EldonCard™ Home Blood Type Test Kit

Eldon Card ResultsThe EldonCard™ is a simple, easy to use blood type test card which uses the basic forward antibody method of blood hematology to provide the user with their blood type (A, AB, B or O) and rhesus factor (Rh negative or Rh positive).

The card is available online through many distributors and comes in a kit which includes Charta sterile lancet, alcohol preparation swab, sterile gauze plaster, special comb application device, transfer pipette, color result chart, laminating sheet, and instructions.

I was given an EldonCard home blood test kit by my licensed Health Coach back in January of 2013 so that I can type my blood.  Like many individuals out there, I did not know my blood type.  Further, I wanted to start Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet which is based on the premise that we are all biochemical individuals and a proper diet which eliminates lectin(*)  damage can vastly improve our health and well-being.  Let’s face it, January of 2013 was probably the worst time of my entire life where I was experiencing crippling arthritis pain, unexplained rashes, my heart rate and blood pressure were going up without any apparent reason, etc.  The countless medical professionals could not determine what was causing me to be this sick after conducting a barrage of tests and I was willing to try anything to stop this downward spiral.

After performing the test as directed, I determined that my blood type was a B positive.

I was religiously following the gluten-free and blood type diet yet, although my health did improve considerably, I still did not feel 100%.  At the end of October, I returned to my cardiologist and asked him to perform a complete blood test on me including typing my blood.  A few days later, I received my results and was shocked to find that the hospital laboratory had typed my blood as an A positive!

I immediately started researching the accuracy of the EldonCard online and found several instances where its accuracy had come into question.  The card has been used out on the field by the military to quickly type soldiers’ blood and there have been instances where the results were inaccurate.  One former military man was typed as an O using the EldonCard and when he was admitted to the hospital a few years ago, his blood type was actually determine to be an A positive.

One must also note that the manner in which test kits are stored has a bearing on the shelf-life of the kit (the chemicals contained within the kit.) which can produce inaccurate results.

Susan Ivy, a registered nurse posted the following online: (

I looked up the Eldoncard Blood Typing Kit. The FDA has approved it for educational purposes, but not for use before giving a blood transfusion test.


This indicates that it must have enough variation or some level of inaccuracy. (One must be 100% accurate blood typing before a blood product is given, because giving the wrong blood type can prove to be fatal.) 

If I continue to read the details about this product, it may state some where what the actual percentage of accuracy/inaccuracy is, but just knowing that it is not to be used clinically may be enough information for you. 

I haven’t checked yet to see the fee for the Eldoncard Blood Typing Kit either, but I guess that you may be looking to use this in order to save the expense of going to a doctor’s office? I can tell you that going to a doctor’s office for blood typing would be the most accurate method, because typically they will use a lab for their testing that is clinically accurate. 

Of course if you were to use this type of ‘at home’ testing, and it gave you the same results as the prior result, that would perhaps confirm that it was very likely that the original result was accurate. But to be completely confident in the result, you will want to have a professional lab do the testing. 

Now this is not to say that professional medical labs have not made mistakes but the likelihood of this happening seems very low compared to the information that I found online with regard to the inaccuracy of the EldonCard home test hit.

Please use your best judgment when using home test kits and if in doubt have the professional hospital lab verify the results you obtained.  Your health is not something to be taken lightly.

(*) Lectins are proteins that do not break down easily, and they are resistant to both stomach acid and digestive enzymes.  Lectins may bind to the wall of the gut and damage the gut lining.  They can cause changes in the function of the gut which may be related to diseases such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, Coeliac-Sprue, and IBS.  Because of the damage that lectins do to the gut, other proteins may be able to cross into the body undigested and cause allergic reactions within the body.

6 thoughts on “The Accuracy of The EldonCard™ Home Blood Type Test Kit

  1. The Eldon card works fine. The tester on the video was doing it wrong. You don’t move so slow with the blood mixing it. and you don’t tip the card upside down. You tip the card enough to move the chemicals with the blood, I tested myself A+ first time using the card, no experience. I went to the doctor and re typed myself at the doctors just to make sure when I had the opportunity. I was in fact an A+.

    • Yes Diana, I am glad your results were accurate but there is enough data out there to show that inaccurate results were obtained using the Eldon card. Further, you proved my point by pointing out that the video method was incorrect and that if the procedure is done incorrectly, it can produce innacurate results which can prove to be detrimental. It doesn’t cost that much to have a reliable lab type an individual’s blood and it is money well spent when you consider the consequences of inaccurate typing. Thank you for your input.

  2. I have tried to test my blood type with one of these cards and my blood was sticky feeling and I couldn’t get it to come out of my finger, I used the stick things that come with it to put it on the card but I am just not sure if I even tested it right with this card and I thought that it might not be accurate and that was before I even found this website. I called about donating blood and was told that I couldnt donate because I am on prescription meds for brain seizures even though I told them that these seizures are no more than a quick jerk in my hand or foot. Also I called my doctor and the lady that answered said the doctor would have to order it and then she transferred me to another lady that said they couldn’t do it and she started asking why was I wanting to know my blood type? Can a cardiovascular doctor do a blood type test on me? Does anyone know of any other way I can find out my blood type?

  3. On my comment on the first part, I didnt phrase it right, blood did come out of my finger but I couldn’t get enough of it off of the stick thing and onto the card, maybe it being sticky had something to do with it, I dont know.

  4. I got two tests , did everything by the instructions , what a catastrophe ! i couldn’t get enough blood out of my finger , I notice in the video they used a vile of blood so it looked so easy , I am pretty sure these people know most of the tests will fail , That’s the medical business for you …didn’t get nothing but liberated from my money .

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