Gluten-free Restaurants: Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks


Imagine my surprise when I learned that Islands ( was serving gluten-free dishes!  Although there is a larger than life warning on their menu, I decided to dig out my Indiana Jones hat from storage and go on an adventure at this Hawaiian themed restuarant.


Their gluten-free menu selections are pretty limited however it is nice to have more restaurant choices than the typical establishments I have been frequenting for lunch.




I don’t quite understand how they can include ice cream sundaes on their gluten-free menu as we all know that the ice cream, syrups and whipped cream can possibly contain gluten. (Unless they know something I don’t know or conversely they don’t know what I know.)  I decided to steer clear of the desserts and just order the grilled veggie tacos.


I did notice that although not listed as one of their gluten-free offerings, they did have grilled steak tacos served on corn tortillas with a side of beans.  Perhaps I will try that dish on my next visit but I must say that the grilled veggie tacos were excellent.

I would caution you to use your best judgement when dining in restaurants which disclose that they do not have a dedicated facility in which to prepare your food, especially if you have Celiac disease.  In my case, I am a non-Celiac gluten intolerant individual therefore my food does not have to be prepared separately.  I do not have a reaction unless I actually ingest gluten.  That being said, I would definietly return to Islands and try their other gluten-free offerings.



One thought on “Gluten-free Restaurants: Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks

  1. I would double check the steak. I believe they either use soy sauce or their seasoning has gluten in it. That is why it isn’t on the list.

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