Eating Gluten-Free at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

photoHow many of you like the occasional fast food Mexican takeout but felt that your gluten allergy diagnoses would prevent you from every patronizing one of these restaurants again?

Many of us who are allergic to gluten are also allergic to other things like corn, dairy, etc.  In my case, I cannot have any corn as it produces similar symptoms to consuming gluten and felt that fast food Mexican was forever out of the question.

Although Baja Fresh Mexican Grill does not offer a gluten-free menu, you can order the Baja Burrito or the Mexicano Burrito “bare.”

Essentially, this means that your burritos come served in a bowl on a bed of lettuce rather than wrapped in a flour tortilla.  All of the burrito ingredients are included minus the tortilla:

Baja Burrito

Baja Burrito

Mexicano Burrito

Mexicano Burrito

Further, at a cost of $6.99 per item, who can argue?  You can have your burrito and eat it too! (I just did not eat the corn tortilla chips that were served with my menu selection.)

Eating gluten-free can really be costly, it is nice to have cheap, quick options for lunch.




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